Everything you need

All-in-one platform

Save your contacts, send offers, reach agreements, chats, charge customers and much more.

No hidden fees
0% commissions on all your orders.
Multiple charge options
3 options for charge your customers, the normal, the two payments, and the recurrent.
Invite contacts
Invite and store all your contacts.
Orders list view
Control all the history of your orders.
Easy offer agreements
An agile agreements system provided by the most successful freelancers platforms.
Chat rooms
Not just a chat, is the most vailable tool for your comunication with your customers.
All the activity will be registered and notification to you.
Orders control
Securely charge your customers, with our money withholding system the customers always will pay at the beginning.

Charge options

Freelanium provides 4 charging options to suit any scenario:

One payment order

The seller receives the money when the offer is accepted.

Holding payment order

The seller receives the money when the buyer accepts the delivery.

Two payments order

There are two payments, one when accepting the order and the other when accepting the delivery.

Recurrent payment order

The seller can create a monthly or annual subscription.

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